Business CDs

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Time Certificates of Deposit

  • $500 minimum balance to open
  • A fixed rate account where the interest rate and annual percentage yield will not change for the term of the account, unless otherwise stated
  • A term deposit account where you make a commitment to leave funds on deposit for a set period of time, anywhere from three months to 60 months View current rates
  • Interest will normally be compounded to the certificate at maturity for terms under seven months and quarterly for terms of nine months and up, or you have the interest deposited into your account if we agree at opening
  • Interest is calculated using the daily balance method, which applies a daily periodic rate to the balance in the account each day
  • Certificates are single maturity and will not continue to accrue interest after the maturity date
  • An early withdraw penalty imposed if funds are withdrawn before maturity
  • If the original term is one year or less, the fee we may impose is equal to one-month interest
  • If the original term is over one year, the fee we may impose is equal to three-months interest

For more information about any of our investment products, please contact an i3 Bank customer service representative at 402-238-2245 or stop by one of our locations and we will be happy to assist you.